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The Colossus datacenter at the 1970 SCI-Fi Movie Colossus: The Forbin Project

It wasn’t that long ago when we were sold on the promised land of computing power – actually I should say the computing sky. Everybody is talking about the incredible power the “Cloud” or should we call it the “Remote Data Center” can provide you with. Let’s not forget that those little fluffy cybernetic center are in fact utilizing far more resources than you would think.

First of all, keeping a datacenter cool 24 HS isn’t an easy task.

Second you would think that the big powers at large would plan their infrastructure in the most secure and remote places -I still miss WORP @ NORAD – As long as there’s plenty of electricity to tap on.

I remember a few years ago, my close friend Bill mention how Cloud computing was a silly and boring idea – This is the same Billy that made his fortune writing, or lets just say marketing, the most used and well known commercial OS in this solar system. But then again, I grew up watching french documentaries about the majestic power of the Minitel. The same that helped  ignorant french teenagers to do homework in their networked tutoring service – Back home we walked with our ignorance to the tutor’s house. But not much has changed, or has it ?

I’m not sure I want all my information accessible online all the time, from everywhere. At the end of the day, having that possibility might trigger excesses like working non-stop in avoidable task as well as being close even when diligently try to be far. I still remember when people stayed home waiting for a call. Now it follows you, it chases you down, no matter where you are.

So I’m saying, take charge. Don’t be another available icon on someone’s desktop. Brake free and use the technology for your gains and not viceversa.