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Dropping Final Cut Pro X

By July 6, 2011No Comments

It’s very unfortunate that Apple decided to drop years of development and investment by alienating to all their Pro community with news of Final Cut Pro.
Final Cut Pro and the Apple video family are one of the best things that happen to the video community in the last couple of years. Apple did what they do best, they standardize how a professional video application should work and behave. They did the same for DVD Studio Pro, they evaporated the complexity, and sometimes impossibility, for serious professional development in their platform.
We all should be grateful for their effort and development, they had helped speed up products and development by its competitors and level the playing field for an huge array of video users and video enthusiast.
It’s sad to see that trashed deliveredly by the launch of their new application Final Cut Pro X. Having no legacy support, no matter how advanced and perfect your application is, is absolutely unacceptable. It doesn’t make a lot of sense to enrage your customer base by, not only launching something that goes completely against their wishes, but also shows Apple lack of feedback from their own customers.
It’s no secret that some people are jumping ships before they are forced to abandon ship at all cost. I own Adobe Production suite CS 5 and I’m happy with its performance and legacy support.
I can only see this as a delivered attempt by Apple to scrap the Pro market all together in favor of their mobile and tablet division. After all, that’s the section of the company that increase exponentially company’s earnings and visibility from an obscure PC manufacture before the arrival of Jobs in 1996.
I’m not sure Apple is doing the right move. Alienating to the same developers that create content for their mobile and portable platform. Maybe made with a Mac slogan isn’t cool anymore.