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Coming back…

By December 12, 2013No Comments

Yes, It has been a long time since my last post, dear reader. A lot of water has passed under the bridge – A new baby, citizenship and an atrocious house buying and moving process came into play.

Hoping that soon enough things can get back to a somewhat normal schedule – although nothing seems normal anymore…!

I wanted to drop and share a quick note regarding also a new digital change.  I’ve upgraded my old Samsung Nexus S for a shiny and new Nexus 5 from LG.  It’s hard to compare the both since they feel like decades apart from each other. Both Android phones just small versions away from each other (4.0.4 against 4.2.2)

I remember thinking that the S was miles away from my previous Motorola Droid (aka Milestone everywhere else except for the US)
This is the first time I purchase a phone without a contract, which releases the stress from carrier lock anxiety. Now I know I can travel and take my phone along without asking permission to my home carrier – which was also changed to T-mobile in the last couple of months, but that’s another story.
All I can say is that the nexus 5 is a great phone. I have no idea how LG and Google did that price tag with those tech specs, but It’s just amazing.