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Thanks to some very well deserved time off during this holidays I was able to enjoy Gilbert’s The Cave adventure.
In case you’re not familiar with Mr. Gilbert‘s work, he was the leading force at Lucas Arts for many years and the creator of Monkey Island as well as the co-creator of Maniac Mansion (Can’t believe that was that long ago)

The game starts with a very interesting choice of characters: The knight, hillbilly, monk, twins, adventurer, future traveler and scientist. Each of them have its own special and unique ability to interact inside the cave. All broken characters that decide to adventure inside this forsaken cave to find answers to their journeys.
The game play isn’t that unique from other platform games, but what makes The Cave a unique experience is, first of all, the well written and hilarious text and story. I  might add that the graphics and design are beautiful to look at as, well as some funny animation moments.
As Plato, or J Campbell, the game is a true journey and ascension of the hero, sometimes the anti-hero. I guess it becomes complicated to hate your hero character when you’re in charge of its actions – not like in a fable or story.
The one who ventures down into the earth to find clues of its own existence but returns with a hilarious puzzle solving adventure.
Steam still has a sale on game. It’s out on PC, Mac, Linux, Ios and Android (really, smartphones? I do feel that this game is not as enjoyable on mobile devices as it’s on a full blown PC/Mac system)