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Android App for the 4G LTE commuter

By January 15, 2014No Comments

App recommendation:

Although this topic might have been beaten to death by the thousands of blogs devoted only to app review, I found it interesting to express my thoughts on particular apps that stand out. Even though this has not been envisioned as a series of post, it could well be an interesting idea to follow:

An App that is worth a dime,  and is free!

TuneIn Android App that works for 4g LTE
TuneIn Radio:

For these past 6 months my work’s commute had increased considerably. I saw it as an opportunity to be instructed – Audiobooks?–  and be entertained –food for thought? – in a way or fashion that would not interfere with the traffic rules and regulations of the state of Florida.

The App has many levels – even car mode, which might be practical for road warriors, but isn’t really complete with all the functionality of standard version.

At some point, you can be overwhelmed by the the amount of radio options from all over the world… geee, there are many radio stations out there.

I did find a few that I liked and I’ve saved:

Is like Pandora’s box. You don’t know what you might discover once you tune in. The variety and stream bandwidth are good. It’s like a blast from the classy past.

Because we need rock and this station has it. Sometimes local American radio stations, mostly own by media conglomerates, play the same 100 songs over and over again ( Please, Queen did more than 4 songs – give me a B side please!) This is not the case with K-Rock. I had listen to the classics as well as some new and interesting bands – The only downside is my poor German– I’m still trying to understand the full news broadcast every hour.

There are thousands of other options too, some good, some bad, some have terrible quality and very narrow bandwidth making it impossible to listen.

Truth be told, this was impossible to do with a smart phone only a few years ago. The arrival of metropolitan LTE 4G speeds has enabled us, the driving force in technology – as well as in American roads- to stream our favorite content without sacrificing content and quality anywhere and everywhere.

So, what about you, have you heard any good radio stations lately ?