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Documentary equipment survey

By February 28, 2014No Comments

It’s not the arrow, It’s the indian.

I hold this statement to be very true. The talent and eloquence of a professional storyteller goes above and beyond past and current technology.
Granted. Today’s technology allows us to capture breathtaking images on the cheap. The digital revolution has allowed everyone and their grandmother to shoot HD video while broadcasting it to YouTube; yet there’s an elusive talent required for the production of great stories that it’s impossible to purchase.
Not that long ago, professional equipment was prohibitive for the average independent filmmaker. Cameras, microphones and post equipment used to run in the several thousand dollars while discouraging to the faint at heart. Only very well funded production were taken seriously by networks and audiences… But one day, things changed for good and nobody has looked back ever since.

I wanted to share here this survey done by PBS regarding the gear selection from professional and upcoming documentary directors, producers and editors regarding their gear and the reasoning behind it.
I found it very interesting to see that most DSLR’s are Canon as a prime choice among docs work.
POV’s 2013 Documentary Filmmaking Equipment Survey

I’m too producing a small documentary here in South Florida. The experience from other people and their gear selections is always fascinating.