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Why is Retro always in fashion ?

By May 1, 2014No Comments


Retro is never out of fashion

Retro is always coolI’ve always been a big fan of retro-futurism or modernism. I’ve been fascinated by the great deal of courage of some thinkers and inventors to make bold statement about the future from their present time. Since we live in such an ethnocentric society as ours, all these predictions and expectations are biased mostly in the technology language and vision of its era. Some predictions have come true after decades of their conception, others have come and gone.
We can now thank pop-culture for planting these concepts and ideas of our personal and community’s future and aspirations into our cerebral cortex. Which takes me to ask this question regarding our need to re-invent the past:
Why is Retro always in fashion ?
Perhaps to not just re-invent it but re-imagine it.
Objects, icons and ideas from the past chase us like our shadows, projecting its spectrum of that concept we were mere instants ago. There’s a fascination with re-exploring and bringing back the good, the bad and the ugly of ideas and design concepts.
Plato and its cavern knew a thing or two about what’s cool.