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Autodesk 3D studio Max French Patio Door

By May 14, 2014No Comments

patio_french_doorWe’re doing some small renovations at home and to illustrate the project I did a quick render of the final doors and wall.
Nowadays I’m extremely busy and, although I consider myself to be a very fast 3d modeler, I tried to get a free model online to simply render it to my needs. I was a little shocked to see how much such a simple object cost on some sites – up to $30 and $50 depending the database.
I decided to waste no more time and do it myself (I still needed some accurate proportions anyway…)
The Result has been uploaded here to the blog for anybody to use as a freeware 3d model of a patio french door. You might be in  a similar situation and have very little time to make it.

This is your chance to become the instant owner of a free virtual french patio door.

It came out alright, no fancy bells and whistles. Let me know if it helps you on your 3d project.

Model is 3ds MAX 2013 and 3ds

3ds_max_file French door Patio Window 3d Model 3ds Studio Max 2013

or as 3ds Flavor:

3ds_max_file French door Patio Window 3d Model 3ds