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Is the Camera part of the story ? Sundance Filmmakers

By February 5, 2015No Comments

A lot has changed in the last decades. Image acquisition and film-making have gone through major light-year leaps. I have to confess a little jealousy for the availability and easy access to the stupendous image quality and versatility that nowadays cameras are capable of achieving. Take it from me. As someone that watched 8 mm movies in the living room and couldn’t make any senseof a 4.5 minute version of Ben-hur and Cat Ballou.
It’s not only the equipment that has changed – while the process is still the same many things are much simpler than before – but the audience has changed as well…
We will leave that idea behind for another post.

Is the Camera part of the story ?

Here’s some interesting equipment choices by the award winner filmmakers of the 2015 Sundance. It might be amusing for some to read the rationale behind why each camera was selected. The tool should serve its purpose, even if that purpose is a very personal one. There’s always a reason behind it. A camera is like a perfume, It servers you as an expression of yourself, but also as an invisible part of the story, a intangible sensorial scent.  Even if it’s a director’s preference, the justification is just a logical step,  an extension of the story telling.

Camera Gear

We have the Black-Magic cameras – although there’s no mention of the URSA or the 2.5 or 4k.

The black magic camera


Some people did shoot on 16mm – God bless them!

The C300 by the undeserving Canon, as well as the Red in all its glory and closed workflow architecture.

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