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I recently came back from a couple weeks in Argentina. The experience was simply great, not only because I was able to visit friends and relatives, but because I was able to travel with my daughters to my ‘place of origin‘.

The experience was topped with a family wedding and a unique photographic experience on the northwestern part of the country, more specifically, in the provinces of Salta and Jujuy. Both are beautiful and unique places in many amazing ways. Salta’s Cafayate is very welcoming to its guest and has the inherent charm of a small town, that also tops its added value of its amazing high-altitude wines.
There are many stories to narrate… I took the Sony A6300 to photograph and film our photographic journey from the Calchaquí Valleys, all the way to the city of Tilcara in Jujuy. I took two camera bodies (old and trustworthy Canon T2i) in case of any malfunction, but amazingly, the A6300 behaved like a champ. I also packed three E-Mount lenses: The Sony 50 mm, Sony 28 mm and the Sigma 19 mm. Yes, I believe in prime lenses.

The only casualty of the trip was a Sigma lens cap and the Sigma 19 mm, which fell on a vineyard courtyard (Thanks to Camera Repair Japan in GA. for its swift repair service). It’s sometimes difficult to carry and organize all the equipment while on the road. I took also my road proven Sirui monopod with a modified Slik fluid head.

I’m planning to organize a new photo tour to the region during December of 2017 – website will be unveiled shortly -don’t hesitate to contact me if you would like to be part of it.

Photo and Video tour in northwestern Argentina