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Next November I’m going to lead a group of photographers to capture amazing Patagonia photography at the edge of the Southern Hemisphere. Our three main locations are: El Calafate, Torres del Paine and Monte Leon National Park.

We will start our trip in the Argentinian city of El Calafate where the Perito Moreno glacier displays an array of green and blue hues year-round. There are many glaciers in this region, but its size plus its display of shapes and colors, are quite unique. We’ll experience the glacier from two main angles: from water and from land.

  • On day one we’ll visit the Argentinian lake and its ice formations.
  • On day two we will explore the heart and surface of the glacier.

Torres del PaineNext, we travel to Chile’s Torres del Paine national park.
The photography at this park is quite spectacular at every angle and it’s an bucket list experience for hikers and outdoors enthusiast. The park has many vistas and idyllic locations for photography. The cuernos and torres peaks are great locations for photographers. If weather conditions are permitting, we will set out to capture some photos at the early hours of the day.
Its wildlife is also one of the main reasons we visit. There’s a large population of guanacos that roam freely around the park.

It’s our intention to photograph park’s pumas. They are usually active and out of their caves during the early morning hours. Although dangerous, the proper distance and extra preparation can help with the safety of the experience.

At our return to Argentina, we’ll visit the Monte Leon National Park at the Atlantic coast of Patagonia.
This very desolated national park makes a very picturesque scenery with its rocky formations and its wildlife populations. Guanacos, pumas, sea lions and penguins can be seen year-round. Penguins are particularly friendly to visitors and don’t mind having their picture taken.

If you want to know more about the trip, please see the Patagonia Photography tour website.