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“This Community” is a photo installation that utilizes a LED neon sign, a micro-computer, two radars, and a sequence of photographs from homes and buildings at the cusp of change throughout South Florida. The work brings awareness and visibility to the housing affordability crisis and the rapid gentrification of many neighborhoods in our community. The installation interactive features allow the viewer to activate the work by its proximity. To trigger a change of perspective by getting closer to the wall and carefully evaluating the spaces that are rapidly disappearing in our neighborhoods.

This work was made possible by a grant from the @greenspacemiami Annual open call “Reimagining an Iconic Miami Billboard” and is currently at the fantastic group exhibition “Chroma Tone: Voices from Miami”, organized and sponsored by the Green Family Foundation. The show runs until January 14, 2023, at Green Space Miami, 7200 Biscayne Blvd., Unit 1, in the Historic MiMo district.

This Community: dimensions variable, micro-computer, LED neon sign, radars, C-prints.