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“The 2024 Carlos Malamud Prize winner, Tenee’ Hart, will receive $10,000, as well as guidance and mentorship from the jurors. She will have a UCF Art Gallery solo exhibit in 2025 and be a member of next year’s jury.
Prize-giving can also be taste-making and trend-setting. The finalists this year were photog­raphers, sculptors and installation artists. Hart’s installations of fiber sculpture, which she describes as “wrapped, knotted, sewn and housepaint-slath­ered;’ occupied corners and alcoves, softly lit with pink and lavender lighting, their organic qualities evoking domestic femininity on the surface but with a manic creepiness Undeath.
2024’s finalists are outstanding. Samuel Aye­Gboyin, a Florida photographer originally from Ghana, brings an unusually mature eye to por­traiture, elevating Ghanaians in their everyday Jives with gorgeously lit, seemingly casual black and white compositions. Fernando Ramos pho­tographs in color, and takes his portraiture a step further with many subjects in masks or cos­tumes. Diego Alejandro Waisman, originally from Argentina, pursues themes of displacement in his photographs of Miami’s trailer parks, which have their own dark poetry about them. Clio Yang is a Florida-based mixed media artist; besides pho­tography, Yang’s video installation “Blind Box” at UCF is seen through a scrim jumping with text and drawings.”