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Mientras Estamos Aquí - Frost Art Museum
April 23, 2024

Mientras Estamos Aquí | While We Are Here

The show is getting installed as I type this. The show includes work by Geraldine Bello, Rebeca Lopera, Melina Tsalikis, and Diego Waisman. This annual exhibition is a part of the Frost Art Museum's continuing support of FIU's art curriculum.Please join us for its reception, next Saturday at 2PM at the Frost Art Museum. #MiamiArt#FrostArtMuseum#NewExhibition#ArtExhibition
March 26, 2024

DISplace | CLOSING CELEBRATION | Panel Discussion

Thursday, 28 March, at 6 pm7200 Biscayne Boulevard Miami, FL 33138 DISplace is an ongoing forever DIScussion. Gather at Green Space Miami for art and wine and a Q&A with the powerhouse of community advocates pushing dialogue into action. Last chance to see the work of 10 Miami artists who responded to Arsimmer McCoy's "DISplace" and talk with film director Monica…
May 9, 2023

Artists Open – Saturday, May 13, 2023

Please join me for Artists Open, Saturday, May 13 11am - 6pm, as we open to the public for @fountainheadarts#ArtistsOpen.I'll be showing my upcoming monograph - For I Shall Already Have Forgotten You, which narrates the gentrification and disappearance of South Florida's Mobile Home Communities. You can register for the event, explore the interactive guide, and get directions to W10 at…
December 16, 2022

This Community Photo Install – Green Space Miami

“This Community” is a photo installation that utilizes a LED neon sign, a micro-computer, two radars, and a sequence of photographs from homes and buildings at the cusp of change throughout South Florida. The work brings awareness and visibility to the housing affordability crisis and the rapid gentrification of many neighborhoods in our community. The installation interactive features allow the…
Chroma Tone - Show Opening - Diego Waisman
November 14, 2022

Chroma Tone

Join us for the opening of the show tomorrow, November 15, 2022 - 6 PM at the Green Space Miami. I'll be presenting an installation called This Community. A NEW 'COPPERTONE GIRL': 14 MIAMI ARTISTS SELECTED FOR GROUP SHOW THAT REVISITS ICONIC BILLBOARD Green Space Miami asked local artists a tempting question earlier this year: What if you could reinvent…
Bonnier Gallery Miami - MFA Show panel
October 17, 2022

The Bonnier Gallery MFA Panel Discussion

Topology of For I Shall Already Have Forgotten You As a photographer and artist I'm quite obsessed with documenting and archiving all work in general. The panel, moderated by the incredible Dr. Amy Galpin PhD. Chief Curator at the Frost Art Museum. The discussion touched upon this and other topics revolving the everyday practice of these 5 emerging Miami artist.…
Green Space Miami
October 14, 2022

Green Space Miami – Exhibition

I'm very happy to announce that my proposal 'This Community' has been selected as part of the Green Space Miami Open Call for 2022. A NEW ‘COPPERTONE GIRL’: 14 MIAMI ARTISTS SELECTED FOR GROUP SHOW THAT REVISITS ICONIC BILLBOARD With this year’s annual open call, Green Space Miami aspired to raise the voices of local artists, asking them to share…
August 3, 2022

The MFA Showcase panel discussion

Let me invite you to next week's panel discussion:The MFA Showcase artists will discuss their work and practices with the moderation of Amy Galpin chief curator of FIU's Patricia and Phillip Frost Art Museum August 11, 7 PM at theThe Bonnier Gallery3408 NW 7th Avenue, Miami FL 33127 Photo installation fromFor I Shall Already Have Forgotten You