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Chico Portfolio Review, 2022
March 18, 2022

Chico Portfolio Review by the Charcoal Photo Book Club

I’m very happy to be attending the Chico Portfolio Review, organized by the Charcoal Photo Book, next week. While working on For I Shall Already Have Forgotten You, I understood that It was important to have the material seen and shared by as many people as possible before its final production. Although I’m still looking for a home to publish…
December 29, 2021

The Dialectics of Inside and Outside

"Outside and inside form a dialectic of division, the obvious geometry of which blinds us as soon as we bring it into play in metaphorical domains. It has the sharpness of the dialectics of yes and no, which decided everything" "... is he who opens a door and he who closes it the same being ?" A door is an…
DIY Color Gels with Godox AD200 Strobe
July 29, 2020

DIY: Color Gels for your Godox / Flashpoint AD200

This DIY will show you how to create custom color gels to fit into the popular Godox Ad200 and its equivalent Flashpoint variant. Adding color gels to you flashes is an exciting way to explore color hues in your work and intrinsically explore color theory.The same DYI principles laid out here can be applied to any other flash source with…
Burning Down the Barriers Documentary
February 10, 2020

Burning Down the Barriers – 37th International Miami Film Festival Cinemaslam competition

I'm very excited to announce that my documentary, Burning Down the Barriers, which narrates the story behind the first female firefighter in Miami-Dade county, has been selected as a finalist for the 37th Miami Film Festival's Lynn and Louis Wolfson II Family Foundation CinemaSlam Competition. Gender inequality has been an ongoing problem in the fire rescue workforce for many decades. Burning…
May 22, 2019

Patagonia Photography Video Series

Slowly but steady, the content for the Patagonia Photography Video series is coming along. Watch the series playlist: Patagonia Photography Series Last year I organized a Patagonia Photography workshop at the end of 2018 for landscape and wildlife photography. This Patagonia Photography video series is the product of that journey across some of Patagonia's beautiful national parks and landscapes. During…
Selling my Gnarbox
January 25, 2019

Why I sold my Gnarbox 1.0

I got my Gnarbox in 2017. I had purchased it because it looked like the travel companion I had waited for a long time. Although the Gnarbox 1.0 has great features, at the end of the day, It felt like an incomplete solution. Three obstacles (transfer reliability while plugged into power, transfer speed, and battery life) have been the main…
Photo workshop Aventura, Florida
August 13, 2018

Photography Class Miami – Aventura

On September 12, 2018,  I'll be hosting a new photography class workshop at the Miami library North Dade branch in Aventura. If you're an avid photographer, or you are just starting up, join us at the digital photography workshop where we will explore the digital photo processing and design. What can you expect from this class ? We will mostly…
Patagonia Torres del Paine photography
June 22, 2018

Patagonia Photography

Next November I'm going to lead a group of photographers to capture amazing Patagonia photography at the edge of the Southern Hemisphere. Our three main locations are: El Calafate, Torres del Paine and Monte Leon National Park. We will start our trip in the Argentinian city of El Calafate where the Perito Moreno glacier displays an array of green and blue hues…
Photo workshop Aventura, Florida
May 11, 2018

Photography Classes Miami

I'm hosting a new photography class in the Miami library at Aventura on June 13, 2018. Photography Classes Miami. What can you expect from this class ? We will mostly focus in Adobe Camera Raw and how to get the best results out of you RAW files. This class is open to everyone. It's recommended to have some photo experience prior…
Photo workshop Aventura, Florida
December 12, 2017

January 18th, 2018 – New Introduction to Digital Photography Workshop

I want to extend an invitation to all photographers from Miami, Miami Beach, Aventura, South Florida and beyond since, starting on January 18th, I'll be teaching a digital photography workshop at the Aventura library. Workshop's aim is to navigate through the basic concepts behind digital camera technology and their differences from traditional film. Utilize photography conventions for good exposure technique…