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January 18, 2017

Northwest Argentina | Photo Tour

I recently came back from a couple weeks in Argentina. The experience was simply great, not only because I was able to visit friends and relatives, but because I was able to travel with my daughters to my 'place of origin'. The experience was topped with a family wedding and a unique photographic experience on the northwestern part of the…
August 5, 2016

First time lapse – Lessons in time

Time lapse in the scorching heat Last Monday, 4th of July holiday, I ventured into the depths of Hollywood Beach, Fl to try my first time lapse. Although I went prepared and had researched a few things about how to properly do one, I know now, that the information was not enough to complete the one I was trying to…
April 15, 2016

Sony A6300 – First Impressions

A little bit of personal history to begin with a few observations: I have been waiting for a camera like the Sony A6300 for a little while. For someone as myself that begun taking pictures and shooting video with analog format (Pentax P30 & Panasonic Compact VHS), the technology behind the Sony A6300 can be simply mind blowing. Its capabilities open…
February 22, 2016

Switching sides – Sony α6300

I'm a deserter | Sony α6300 Yes, I said it. I've already per-ordered a Sony α6300 two weeks ago and I'm not looking back. Last weekend I took my trusty old Canon T2i for a spin and I wonder what it would be like to leave it behind. Well, it's not so dramatic,  I was waiting for something with those…