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July 22, 2015

Starbucks – Compatibility matters

In a not such a far away galaxy, everyone in the interactive and web universe was obsessed with backwards compatibility and legacy browsers - namely IE 6 aka as the doomsday device. Although development for legacy devices was a complicated and cumbersome task - mainly because of how buggy and unique those workarounds were, but in general, due to the…
January 22, 2015

A strange thing happen on my way to BH

Indeed, I recently sold a lot of my video and audio gear at Ebay (Lots of unexpected expenses needed to be paid!) I parted ways with my Azden SGM-2X shotgun microphone. This means that I had no way of recording in camera good and reliable sound. It just happens that I bumped into a review for the Rode VideoMic Pro…
January 15, 2014

Android App for the 4G LTE commuter

App recommendation: Although this topic might have been beaten to death by the thousands of blogs devoted only to app review, I found it interesting to express my thoughts on particular apps that stand out. Even though this has not been envisioned as a series of post, it could well be an interesting idea to follow: An App that is…
December 12, 2013

Coming back…

Yes, It has been a long time since my last post, dear reader. A lot of water has passed under the bridge - A new baby, citizenship and an atrocious house buying and moving process came into play. Hoping that soon enough things can get back to a somewhat normal schedule - although nothing seems normal anymore...! I wanted to…
July 14, 2011

RIM – Short for: Real Inconceivable Mismanaged – Mess

Let's start with one question that I have done to friends in the last year: Is BlackBerry maker Research In Motion doomed? My short answer is Yes, they're. The writing has been on the wall for over 12 months - I had this conversation early this year with a business associate of mine that works in the marketing department of…
July 6, 2011

Dropping Final Cut Pro X

It’s very unfortunate that Apple decided to drop years of development and investment by alienating to all their Pro community with news of Final Cut Pro. Final Cut Pro and the Apple video family are one of the best things that happen to the video community in the last couple of years. Apple did what they do best, they standardize…
May 30, 2011

Dancing in the Clouds

The Colossus datacenter at the 1970 SCI-Fi Movie Colossus: The Forbin Project It wasn’t that long ago when we were sold on the promised land of computing power - actually I should say the computing sky. Everybody is talking about the incredible power the “Cloud” or should we call it the “Remote Data Center” can provide you with. Let’s not…